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Posted August 22nd, 2009 by Michele Knight, CPA

Throughout the years I have published articles for several magazines & newspapers as well as my own newsletter, been invited to speak at many events, and taken the opportunity to document answers to many great questions that have been thrown my way.  I have attached links to many of these publications below, and I hope that they will continue to help!  As a warning, some of the articles are older than others, so please take note of the dates written on each document.

The Knightly News, Knight Accounting & Technology’s Annual Newsletter
Jan 2009 Newsletter     Jan 2008 Newsletter     Jan 2007 Newsletter  
July 2006 Newsletter     July 2005 Newsletter     Jan 2005 Newsletter

Summit Daily News Articles
9/29/09: IRS and Email Scams

Wall Street Journal Quotes
5/10/10: A Surprise Tax Hit on Foreclosures
8/25/10: Upper Income Taxpayers Plan for Hike

Presentations at Townsend Client Education Seminars:
Hang on Tight for 2010     2009 Obama’s Plans     2008 AMT, Kiddie Taxes    
2007 Charitable Contributions     2006 Estimated Taxes     2005 Child Tax, Marriage Penalty    
2004 Sarbanes Oxley Act     2004 AMT & Tax Planning

FYI Publications for Individuals
FYI – Salvation Army Donation Guide     FYI – Section 1031 Exchange     FYI – IRA Minimum Distributions
FYI-Non-Taxable Income Sources     FYI – Are Social Security and Disability Benefits Taxable?
FYI – CO Child Care Contribution Tax Credit

FYI Publications for Small Businesses
FYI – Health Ins Deductions for Self-Employed     FYI – Small Business Recordkeeping
FYI – Advantages & Disadvantages to Business Forms     FYI – Sole Proprietor or S Corp
FYI – Tax Feature Comparison LLCs vs. Corporations and Partnerships
FYI – Vehicle Mileage Deductions for the Members of an LLC

Published Articles
Avoiding Email Scams 8_15_09
When Can You Deduct Your Hobby 11_15_09 
#35 Small Business Formations_5_8_06        
#34_What Constitues a Small Business_3_13_06
#33_Small Business Basics_2_27_06       
#32_Misc Credits_2_13_06
#31_Child Care Credits_1_30_06              
#30_Education Credits_1_16_06         
#29_Earned Income Credit_1_2_06          
#28_Household Employees_12_19_05          
#27_Schedule E_12_5_05           
#26_Schedule C_11_21_05  
#25_Schedule B_Divdends_11_07_05                       
#24_Schedule B_Interest_10_24_05                  
#23_Automobile Donations_10_10_05          
#22_Charitable Contributions_9_26_05           
#21_Deductions Subject to 2%_9_12_05      
#20_Automobile-Related Deductions_8_29_05          
#19_Home Owners Deductions_8_15_05         
#18_Medical Deductions_8_01_05              
#17_Itemized Deductions_7_18_05         
#16_Other Adjustments to Income_7_04_05               
#15_Adjustments to Income [IRAs] _6_20_05           
#14_Other Income_6_6_05           
#13_Social Security & Taxes_5_23_05    
#12_Partnerships & S Corps_5_9_05
#11_Rental Real Estate_4_23_05
#10_IRAs, Pensions, Annuities_4_4_05            
#9_Sale of Your Home_3_21_05        
#8_Capital Gains & Losses_3_7_05         
#7_Business Income 2_28_04        
#6_Income Sources 2_14_04
#5_Income Tracking 1_31_04                   
#4_Filing Deadlines 1_17_04        
#3_Which Form to File 1_03_04        
#2_Filing Status 12_20_04      
#1_Filing Thresholds 12_6_04                
Scared of an Audit 10_25_04         
Tax Planning 11_1_04

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